THE BOYZ 더보이즈 - 6th Mini-Album 'THRILL-ING'

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Release date: 8/9/2021 

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THRILL-ING 6th Mini-Album [Versions: KICK, BANG, SPLASH]

  • COVER: 3 versions | 1ea
  • PHOTO BOOK: 3 versions | 1ea (72 pages)
  • LYRICS CARD: 3 versions | 1ea
  • CD-R: 3 versions | 1ea
  • THRILL STREAMING BAND: Random 1ea of 6ea
  • THRILL RIDE EXPRESS TICKET: Random 1ea out of 11ea
  • HOLOGRAM POSTCARD: 3 versions | Random 1ea out of 33ea
  • SPARKLING PHOTO CARD: 3 versions | Random 1ea out of 33ea
  • PHOTO CARD: 3 versions | Random 2ea out of 33ea
  • TATTOO STICKER: 1ea | Illustrated by THE BOYZ

Track List:

1. Thrill Ride
2. 환상열차 Out Of Control
3. Dancing Till We Drop
4. Nightmares
5. Merry Bad Ending
6. B.O.Y (Bet On You)

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