about us

Welcome to Kloud K-Pop!

Thank you for visiting our online store! Kloud was founded by two friends, Kevin and Lena, long time K-Pop fans following their dreams to start a K-Pop store in our community. We met through our cover dance team and have both experienced amazing opportunities (performing at K-CON, meeting our favorite idols, finding some of our best friends) because of K-Pop. We want to continue paying it forward by establishing a space where South Bay fans can gather, support their faves, and celebrate something they love with others who feel the same way.

We pay homage to the iconic cloud wall of SM's dance practice studio, a place that both of us grew up watching in YouTube videos and a place that would ultimately inspire us to try to recreate those feelings of excitement and passion for music, dance, and Korean culture in Kloud.

We hope you enjoy your stay!