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MAMAMOO+ (Moonbyul & Solar) - 1st Mini-Album 'TWO RABBITS' (Mini Version)

MAMAMOO+ (Moonbyul & Solar) - 1st Mini-Album 'TWO RABBITS' (Mini Version)

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Release date: 8/4/2023


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MAMAMOO+ - 1st Mini-Album 'TWO RABBITS' (Mini Version)


    • OUTBOX: 1ea
    • MINI BOOKLET: 1ea (68 pages)
    • MINI CD-R: 1ea
    • MINI BAND: Random 1ea out of 5
    • SPECIAL PHOTO CARD: Random 1ea out of 2
    • STICKER: 1ea
    • PHOTO CARD: Random 2ea out of 6

    Track List:

    1. Intro : 두 마리 토끼 (Intro : Two Rabbits)
    2. 댕댕 (dangdang)
    3. I LIKE THIS
    4. 별이 빛나는 바다 (Starry Sea)
    5. 지구에 혼자 남게 된다면 (Save Me)

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