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[PRE-ORDER] QUEEN OF TEARS 눈물의 여왕 Special OST Album

[PRE-ORDER] QUEEN OF TEARS 눈물의 여왕 Special OST Album

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Release date: 5/17/2024
Estimated in-store arrival: 6/10/2024


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QUEEN OF TEARS 눈물의 여왕 Special OST Album


  • OUTBOX: 1ea
  • BOOKLET: 1ea (80 pages)
  • CD-R: 2ea
  • PLAYLIST CARD: Random 1ea out of 12
  • MEMO PAD: 1ea

Track List:

CD 1

  1. In a Beautiful Way (Opening Title Ver.) (Kim Kyung Hee)
  2. The Reasons of My Smiles (자꾸만 웃게 돼) (BSS)
  3. Tell Me It's Not a Dream (고장난걸까) (10cm)
  4. Hold Me Back (멈춰줘) (Heize) - 3:52
  5. Love You With All My Heart (미안해 미워해 사랑해) (Crush)
  6. Fallin' (Isaac Hong)
  7. Can't Get Over You (좋아해요) (Paul Kim)
  8. From Bottom of My Heart (일기) (Kim Na Young)
  9. Last Chance (So Soo Bin)
  10. Promise (Choi Yuree)
  11. Heart Flutter (떨림) (dori)
  12. More Than Enough (더 바랄게 없죠) (Kim Tae Rae)
  13. Way Home (청혼) (Kim Soo Hyun)
  14. In a Beautiful Way (Full Ver.) (Kim Kyung Hee)

CD 2

  1. Timing Game (남혜승, 박상희
  2. Love, Love, Love
  3. It Is What It Is (인생은 그런것)
  4. Reconciliation (화해)
  5. If I Really Love You (진짜 사랑한다면)
  6. Looking For Haein (해인을 찾아서)
  7. Hated You Back Then (그땐 널 미워했어)
  8. Indelible Love (사랑은 숨길 수 없는 것)
  9. Hong’s Family
  10. Mulberry Romance (오디 로맨스)
  11. Under The Name of Family (가족이라는 이름)
  12. Still, I (아직도 나는)
  13. Spy Tame Spy Team
  14. On a Warm Day (어느 따뜻했던 날에)
  15. The Most Precious Thing (나에게 가장 소중한 것)
  16. Bumja in Love (범자는 사랑을 먹고)
  17. Talking About
  18. The Only Reason (유일한 이유)
  19. Mo Seulhee (모슬희)
  20. Sorry and Thank You (고맙고 미안해)
  21. Grace (그레이스)
  22. Getting Worse (갈수록 태산)
  23. Our Way of Love (우리가 사랑한 방식)
  24. The Shadow of Yoon Eunseong (윤은성의 그림자)
  25. A Sad Truth (슬픈 진실)
  26. Guess I Got a Crush (좋아하나봐)
  27. Tiki-taka (티키타카)
  28. The Only One (힘든순간, 단 한사람)
  29. Requiem
  30. An Endless Obsession (끝없는 집착)
  31. If We Can Be Together (함께 할 수 있다면)
  32. Their Own Waltz (그들만의 왈츠)
  33. Hyunwoo's Manual (백현우 설명서)
  34. Involuntarily (나도 모르게)
  35. With All My Heart (간절한 마음으로)
  36. The Things I Like (내가 좋아하는 것들)
  37. Please Come Again (또 오세요)
  38. Yongdu-ri Hair Salon (용두리 미용실)
  39. Smoke
  40. The Sea (그날의 바다)

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