YENA - 1st Mini-Album ‘SMILEY’

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Release date: 1/18/2022

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YENA 1st Mini-Album 'SMILEY’ [Versions: SMILE, HERO]

  • COVER: 2 versions | 1ea
  • PHOTOBOOK: 2 versions | 1ea (84 pages)
  • CD-R: 2 versions | 1ea
  • DECO STICKER: Random 3ea out of 15
  • ACCORDION POSTCARD: 2 versions | 1ea (9 pages)
  • PHOTOCARD: 2 versions | Random 1ea out of 8ea
  • HOLOGRAM PHOTOCARD: 2 versions | Random 1ea out of 8ea
  • FOLDED POSTER: 2 versions | Random 1ea out of 3ea
  • FIRST PRESS ONLY HEART TRADING CARD: 2 versions | Random 2ea out of 9ea
  • FRAME CARD: 1ea
  • LIMITED RANDOM FIRST PRESS ONLY POLAROID: Random 1ea out of 100 total

Track List:

1. Before Anyone Else
2. Smiley
3. Lxxk 2 U
4. Pretty Boys
5. Vacay

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